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VIP escort services

Working with professional attitude and seeking to provide our clients with full service package we have included a few more featured VIP services in our palette.

Now our clients using our services can totally relax – there is no need for them to search for a hotel or other place to stay in. After a journey, boring flight or even stressful business meeting, instead of searching for a hotel and bothering about other things, our clients can choose this feature and we will arrange almost everything related to accommodation.

Escort travel guide

Want a luxurious welcome at the airport? We are here for your requests. For fully comfortable travel to a hotel, restaurant, meeting, shopping or other place chosen by client, we can arrange a limo. Fully equipped limo not only with beverages, leather interior, telephone, audio and video equipment but also with a beautiful escort model chosen by client.

Business escorts

Our escort models are well educated and have a deep experience in communicating in different languages. If you have a foreigner friend, guest or a business partner from a different country, and do not want to struggle in fluent communicating, our girls can do it for you by providing you with interpreting services.

Shopping assistance

Women are women and there is no secret that they are perfect at shopping especially knowing how a real man should look and dress. Due to that our clients trust an experience of our girls in style and fashion and choose one more feature from our service menu – assistance and consulting in shopping, dressing or developing your style.Bodyguard services

Parallel to a productive meeting, party or pleasure in spending time there must also be a safety. If you want to feel free, be self-confident and do not care about anything except a good chill with one of our escort models, we can offer you a bodyguard. Our bodyguards are specially trained and experienced, thus guaranteeing you as much safety as possible.



Party escorts

And finally we are glad to offer one more featured VIP service for you. Our escort models are there also for an unforgettable Christmas, crazy parties or spicy stag nights. They will do their best that these special events will stay in your memory forever and they will do their best to satisfy your needs and dreams 100 per cent.

If you know that you need these VIP services for yourself, just make a call. From that moment you can be calm and sure that everything will be organized very fast, professionally and with great care.


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